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Lentil and cauliflower curry served in a bowl garnished with parsley

Lentil & Cauliflower Curry

A delicious and incredibly easy recipe to make that has been adapted from the Margaret Fulton Encyclopedia of Food & Cookery. Margaret Fulton is one of Australia’s leading and best-loved cookery experts. The matriarch of Australian cooking, she has been credited with changing the way Australians eat by encouraging moving from the Australian staple of “meat and three vegetables” to more “exotic”, creative food from places such as Spain, Italy, India and China. Read More

Adzuki Bean, Seaweed & Quinoa Soup

This is one of my favourite lunch time soups because it is hearty and nourishing. I found the recipe on the Internet some time ago from a vegan website. Kombu, a type of seaweed, was used in the original recipe which you should find in Asian grocery stores. However, if like me you cannot find kombu use sea tangle, kelp or any other robust dried edible seaweed that you can find. Read More

Cocoa, Lentil & Spelt Brownies

Cocoa, Lentil & Spelt Brownies

This great lentils recipe is adapted from Vegetables, Grains & Other Good Stuff by Simon Bryant. Simon Bryant formerly the executive chef at the Hilton Adelaide and television presenter with Maggie Beer on The Cook and the Chef. Simon currently is the creative director of Australia’s longest running food festival, Tasting Australia.

Brownies with lentils? Could it be a thing, let alone tasty? In fact they are totally delicious! Just don’t tell your family and friends they contain lentils. Read More