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My name is Janette Bridger, I am a university qualified nutritionist living in Adelaide, South Australia with my significant other, Justin, who dutifully plays the role of resident food critic. My favourite foods include dal and Haigh’s Chocolates Milk Scorched Almonds.

The inspiration for my blog was the film Julie & Julia however instead of cooking 524 French cuisine recipes in 365 days I road-tested a new pulses, legume and bean recipe each week for 52 weeks, which was achieved on 5 February 2017.

Why pulses? I am a huge fan of them not only for their nutritional benefits and contribution to sustainable food production but also because they have sustained populations around the world for millennia and are incredibly delicious to boot! Additionally, pulses have had an unfortunate reputation for being unsexy in the eyes of the Western diet which tends to feature a high intake of meats, saturated fats, added sugars and highly refined foods. This is changing however as nutrition and food research scientists are realising the health benefits of pulses to humans. It is no surprise then that the Australian Guidelines to Healthy Eating 2013 features legumes/beans in two of the five food groups.

On this blog you can learn about different pulses, their origins and nutritional content, cooking guide as well as exposure to a new pulse recipe each week that celebrates the seasons and cultural diversity.

I hope you enjoy this website.


Disclaimer:  Commentary on this site are my own and are presented in my professional capacity as a qualified nutritionist and are directed at the general healthy adult population, including people with common diet-related risk factors such as being overweight. People with medical conditions requiring specialised dietary advice are recommended to visit an accredited practicing dietitian or medical doctor. Finally, the images on this site are my own. If you copy an image, please link it to this website. Thank you.